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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who took my mojo?

Please tell me that I am not the only one this happens to. I am busy all day long for one reason or another. As I work, all kinds of good ideas just floating through my brain. When will I get a break to actually work on a project? How many more minutes, hours days? Then out of the blue a magical few hours open up in my day. No hubby (big honey) and no child (little honey) to bother me.

Where do I begin? What do I do first? Then it happens. I stand there looking at my hundreds, okay probably close to a thousand dollars worth of craft supplies and I’m dumbfounded. I stare and I stare and I have NO flipping clue what to work on. Could it be that I have too many projects? Do I have too many crafts? Do I have just too much of everything? So, what is a multi tasking, overworked, under appreciated crafting mom to do?

Well, here is what I did. I surfed the web and bookmarked a few hundred more projects to work on and called it a day. Or more like, my family put in end to it. Little honey came back from her play date and big honey came home from work. So, it was back to making dinner, clearing the table and probably more cleaning. I’ll work on those projects one day. I promise! Until then I guess I will just dream about the next time I have a few hours to myself and see if I actually get something done.

Creativity Bug ~ Sandy