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Monday, January 2, 2012

Featured Freebies for the Week of January 2, 2012

Hello and Happy Monday to Everyone!

Here are this week's free digital images or printables found on websites, blogs, or submitted to us from friends and followers:

Bugaboo Digital Stamps shares freebies every Friday here.

That’s all for this week!  Happy Crafting!
Creativity Bug ~ Sue

A Green Thought: Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Goebbert's Farm & Garden Center has some great ideas to recycle your live Christmas Tree.

Give your Christmas tree a second life by using it in the garden.  Anchor it in a snow bank or on a fence or trellis.  Hang homemade or purchased birdseed feeders, orange slices and other food for the birds.  The tree provides needed shelter and the food will helping bring additional visitors into your landscape. 

Use it as a windbreak - Help protect your boxwood, rhododendrons and other broadleaf evergreens from drying winter winds and winter sun.  

You can also cut the branches of the tree and use them as winter mulch over perennials and bulbs.  Place several branches over border-line hardy perennials, late plantings or bulbs that are subject to early sprouting.  Winter mulch keeps the soil cold, preventing early sprouting and frost heaving during our winter thaws.  At the end of the season, contact your local municipality.  Many will chip the remnants of your tree along with other gardeners' landscape trimmings for use as mulch in the landscape.  

Go Green!
Creativity Bug ~ Sue

Foodie Examiner Roundup: January 2, 2012

As one of the new Food Examiner writers, last week I introduced my new column with recipes for breakfast, healthy side dish alternatives, leftover holiday meal recipes, appetizers, how to keep a healthy kitchen, and the first of my “read it and eat” series.

Many New Year’s resolutions include eating right and exercising. We all know vegetables are a staple in any healthy diet, so why not increase your vegetable intake and incorporate them into every meal including breakfast.

This crowd pleaser is easy to make, uses healthy ingredients, and has them all asking for more.

Healthy doesn’t mean skimping on taste. Add these cheesy potatoes as a yummy side dish to any meal.

Try a new recipe for leftover holiday turkey or substitute holiday ham.

Prepare quick and easy appetizers for your next party!

The new year is here which means creating a healthy kitchen filled with foods for you and your kids.

Enjoy a new food related cozy mystery series by Laura Childs including recipes!

Happy reading and eating!
Creativity Bug ~ Sue

Crafting Examiner Roundup: January 2, 2012

Last week  was a busy one for me on my Arts and Craft Examiner article website. With the Christmas holiday coming to a close and the New Year in the near future, last week’s articles included quick homemade gifts, ideas for recycling Christmas cards, and tips for holiday storage.

Make your own homemade scented room spray for gift giving!

A perfect gift for those with extremely dry skin that need a pick me up during the cold winter months.

Bath fizzies (a.k.a. bath bombs) are a fun project to make at home and a fun gift to receive.  They can be a frugal addition to a spa gift basket or creatively packaged, they’re a great gift idea just by themselves. 

Recycle your Christmas cards in fun holiday crafts to give next year.

Now that the holidays are over, it is time to take down the holiday decorates and store them safe and sound for next year.

Gather the kids and take a few moments to create these adorable candy cane mice that can be placed on the tree, given as party favors, or used as package toppers.

Easy to make Christmas trees using cardboard, pattern paper, and glue.

Happy Crafting!
Creativity Bug ~ Sue