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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Decorative Candles-I did it!

A while back,  my sister Sue posted about creating decorative candles and  I knew I had to try one of the techniques. I have seen these picture candles using tissue paper all over blogland and just never got around to trying it. Well, let me tell you, it took me longer to take the pictures than it took me to create the candle. I love it!
So, just a little something about my crafting style. I am the sister who's motto is "it's good enough." My workspace does not have to be perfect (or uncluttered), things do not have to be exactly the way they should be, they can just be good enough. Case in point. I knew I had white tissue paper. Where? It's in the recycle bin. Yes people, I grabbed crumpled up white tissue paper from the recycle bin to do this project. I figured if it would fail, no harm no foul.

Here are the steps I took to complete this quick project:

1. Remove crumpled up white tissue paper that was included in my daughter's pajamas from recycle bin

2. Search for a decent picture of my family from my laptop

3. Cut and paste picture into Word so that I can crop and make my picture the size I need. No fancy photo program for me. Just use what I've got

3. Tape crumpled tissue paper (with masking tape because I can not find regular tape) to a white piece of copy paper

4. Print photo (Hooray, it worked)

5. Run into my basement and find small white candle that has already been used (why use a new nice candle if this project is going to H-E double hockey sticks in a hand basket)

6. Cut photo from paper and place on candle with push pins

7. Take heating tool and heat photo to candle

Done and it's beautiful!
Creativity Bug ~ Sandy