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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boo Your Neighbors

This fun Halloween tradition is growing in popularity so be the first to start it in your neighborhood as a way to connect.

Here is how it works, you make up a Halloween goodie bag for a friend or neighbor. You ring their doorbell then leave the goodie bag at their house with a poem and sign that they have been "Boo'd." Kids love to ring and run. The neighbor is supposed to reciprocate and "Boo" someone else on your block.

What is Halloween Boo-ing?
Booing someone is a fun way to kick start the Halloween spirit and interact with friends and neighbors. The idea behind the Boo is that you gift a basket of Halloween treats for a neighbor and then they do the same for another neighbor. Hopefully it will spread around the neighborhood so that everyone gets a basket. I’m sure Boo-ing will be new to some people so to keep the chain going, Boo one or two neighbors to start or when you reciprocate.

How to Boo a Neighbor
1. Have the kids help you put together your Boo Basket filled with Halloween treats.
2. Write a mysterious note encouraging everyone to keep the chain going, or download and print out one of these adorable designed Boo Poems from, TomKat Studios,, or to include in the basket.
3. Download and print off a “We’ve Been Boo’d” sign to put in the basket such as the ones from,  Amanda Parker and Family Blog, or TomKat Studios.
4. Pick a neighbor to Boo, leave the basket on their doorstep, ring their doorbell, and run. (The kids LOVE this part.)
5. Once you have been Boo’d, make sure you put your sign on the door to let all of your neighbors know, so you don’t get hit multiple times.
If you have a fun neighborhood and everyone participates, you’ll see Boo signs on all the doors in the neighborhood!

What to Put in the Boo Basket?
Basically, anything goes. Usually, the goodie basket will include some Halloween treats for the kids or the whole family, a “We’ve Been Boo’d” sign, as well as a mysterious note or Boo poem. The note or Boo poem should explain the tradition of Boo-ing and how the Boo “victim” now needs to reciprocate and Boo someone else.

I’ve seen suggestions for small toys for kids, Halloween hand towels, a Halloween decorating magazine for Mom, an inexpensive Halloween decoration or mug, and Halloween drawings that the kids have done.

Don’t wait for someone else to begin the Boo! Get your neighborhood started and Boo someone this weekend. 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!
Creativity Bugs ~ Sandy and Sue