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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reynolds - Cupcake Bouquet

I found this great idea on the Reynold website that I just had to share. It is great for bridal showers, ladies luncheons, and even garden parties.


48-52 cupcakes baked in pink pastel baking cups
2 containers (16 ounces each) of white frosting
1 sturdy glass vase (at least 16 inches around at the top)
1 piece tissue paper (your choice of color)
1 8' Styrofoam ball (purchase at your local craft store)
1 glue gun and glue sticks
1 piece wire ribbon, long enough to tie a bow around vase
24-28 wooden Popsicle sticks, broken in half
1 small paring knife

1. Bake and Frost Cupcakes using the technique and decorations of your choice

2. Let frosting stand and harden about 1 hour before arranging into bouquet.

3. SOFTLY CRUMBLE tissue paper into a vase. More paper produces a more vibrant color. For a hint of color, use a small single sheet.

4. SECURE Styrofoam ball onto the top of the vase using glue gun and glue sticks. You should only need to put glue onto the vase and then center the Styrofoam ball. When you're done, the ball will easily pop off the vase so you can reuse the vase.

5. TIE A BOW with wire ribbon near the top of your vase.

6. STARTING at the bottom of the Styrofoam ball, insert one (1) half Popsicle stick angled 45 degrees down to hold a cupcake along the lowest layer.(Optional) Depending upon how precise you want to be with your cupcake placement, you may want to consider making a quide for positioning your cupcakes by placing a cupcake on the base of the ball.Using a pencil, trace the bottom of the cupcake on the Styrofoam ball. Repeat with the same cupcake until you have a traced pattern for the whole bouquet.

7. Using a pairing knife, MAKE a thin slit into the bottom of the decorated cupcake.

8. SLIDE decorated cupcake onto the halved Popsicle stick.

9. REPEAT these steps, one row at a time working from the bottom of the ball to the top. Placing cupcakes as close together as you can get them.

10. Finished Cupcake Bouquet


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