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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Organize It!

I stumbled across a great new blog that will help me (and maybe you) get your house and life organized. Maria has created a blog called Project Organization (365 days of the year). She says the goal is to de-clutter, re-organize, and to turn a chaotic room into a Zen-sational area. Sometimes de-cluttering and re-organizing can be a spiritual experience. LOL!

Maria promises to post each day an organization challenge and when done, she'll post an update with a photo of the completed task.

Today's challenge is to fold, hang, and put away all your clean laundry. I know I have a few laundry baskets that have clean laundry in need of folding & putting away so I will be joining today's challenge.


Anonymous said...

I want to declutter so bad. I am starting to think a big garbage can and just throw stuff in it as I go.


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