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Monday, February 1, 2010

Busy Life

Sorry not to have been making posts the last few weeks. My job has been keeping me extremely busy with training, new project releases, a lot of QA, and tons of additional work because of high absenteeism. In between all this, I started an organization class (to organize your scrapping space) and a weight managment class through Kronos to get my personal life in order.

Since I don't have anything crafting to share with you (I promise something to come later this week), I decided to post some of the things I learned in my weight management that might help others.

10 Foods You Should Eat
  • Nuts & Seeds
    a. Healthy fat
    b. Provide fiber
    c. Helps avoid blood sugar spikes
  • Leafy Greens
    a. Antioxidants
    b. Provides fiber, vitamins & minerals
  • Berries
    a. Low in sugar and calories
    b. Provides fiber, vitamins & minerals
    c. Aids with memory and helps with UTI
    d. Antioxidants
  • Beans
    a. Heart healthy
    b. High in fiber and protein
    c. Helps reduce cholesterol
  • Salmon
    a. Omega-3 healthy fats
    b. Helps with memory
    c. Improves metabolism
  • Sweet Potato
    a. Complex carbs
    b. High in vitamins A, iron, potassium, and calcium
    c. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory
    d. Good for eyes and skin
  • Tomatoes
    a. High in lycopene = cancer protection
    b. Reduces blood clotting
    c. High in vitamins
    d. Good source of potassium and fiber
  • Barley
    a. High in fiber and vitamins
    b. Lowers cholesterol & blood sugar
    c. Reduces heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancers
  • Dark Chocolate
    a. Flavenoids = antioxidants
    b. Helps improve moods
  • Avocados
    a. Lowers cholesterol and blood sugars
    b. Reduces cancer risk


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