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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pounce on over.... Collar Craze

It is Tuesday Pounce Day with the Estian Newbie team and today the Creativity Bugs have chosen Collar Craze as our personal pounce shop. As pet lover to our brood of 2 cats (Poofy and Annie) and 1 dog (KeeKee) collectively, this store caught our eyes.

Collar Craze is owned by Lynsie, the mom to 3 dogs - 2 Labradors, Thumper and Ditto, and 1 Great Dane, Ximmy. She also has 4 cats, Kit-ten, Banshee, OnzaPous and ReignaPous. She started making collars for Ximmy because it is very hard to find large enough collars to fit a Dane and  had so much fun making them that she decided to sell some.

The collars are made with expert craftmanship in a number of different designs and fabris. They fit neck sizes 16 - 22", but special orders in different sizes are always welcome.

For the masculine dog, why not check out the Brown Collection - Paw Print Martingale Collar

For the female dog, our favorite is the Pink Zebra Striped Martingale

So adorably modeled!

So take a moment to sit back and online shop at Lynsie's Collar Craze.

The Creativity Bugs ~ Sandy & Sue


Tatter Beans said...

Oh wow they are so cute.... I may have to go look at this store some doggy is in need of a new colar...
Thanks for joining in the Tuesday pounce... its so much more fun when its more than just me :)

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