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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Decorative Candle Ideas

Take old jewelry and garage sale finds and glue them onto votive holders for glitz.
Embellish glass candleholders with leftover paper. Using shaped paper punches, punch desired patterns in different colors of paper. Use spray adhesive to secure the punched paper to glass candleholders of various sizes and shapes.

Printing on tissue paper makes these candles possible. Tape tissue paper to card stock to run it through the printer. Remove the printed tissue paper from card stock and secure it on a candle with straight pins. Warm the candle with a heat tool until the candle wax permeates the tissue paper. Remove the pins and let cool.

Give a regular pillar candle icy appeal. Place the candle in the center of a dish and wrap a bead strand around it. Knot the strand and use pins to hold it in place. Add more beads as desired.

Stick adhesive scrapbooking letters to small candles. Line up the candles to spell a message.

Copy a sentimental photo onto vellum for a personalized candleholder.

What ways have you decorated with candles?

The Creativity Bugs ~ Sandy and Sue


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