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Friday, January 21, 2011

Organize your crafting space

Keep your bookshelves tidy with baskets and bins. Use baskets to corral loose items, such as fabric samples, paint swatches, and project folders. Add labels to each basket to identify its contents and give your shelves more personality

Use vertical paper storage holders to store a lot of paper in a little amount of space. Sort paper by color to make it easy to find

Always create a backup of your digital images by burning them to a CD or DVD. Make sure to label the disk properly; or make an index of the images on the discs. Then place in jewel cases for easy access.

Use ribbon as a decorative accent. Placing scraps of ribbon in glass canisters is a great way to keep scraps tidy and add color to your space. For your favorite rolls, hang a small rod and place ribbon across, sorting by color or pattern.

Keep your tools in reach with a lazy Susan. Organize by type of tools and label accordingly to ensure they return to the right spot.

Don't have time to scrap the last concert or trip you took? Save ticket stubs, name tags, and souvenirs in an accordion file until you're ready to sit down and create a beautiful page.

Keep your ribbon neatly organized in inexpensive floss containers. Wrap ribbon that is less than a yard around the paper spools. Then organize by color and pattern, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

Keep small accents in clear jars, then place in a spice-jar organizer for easy storage without spending big bucks.

Dress up empty wall space with a pegboard storage area. Buy pegboard at your local hardware store. Then add molding around the edges and paint according to your room. Customize your board with other gadgets such as hooks, baskets, and shelves.

Use inexpensive thrift-store jars to show off your supplies as a decorative item in your craft room. Clear jars make it easy to quickly spot an embellishment you need.

Find just the right paint color by placing tubes in a handy spinning spice rack or lazy Susan.

Try these ideas to get your crafting space organized!

The Creativity Bugs ~ Sandy & Sue


BonAndChi said...

nice ideas~ X3
my crafting area gets so messy like a few hours after each clean up... :T

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