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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gift ~ Candy Bouquet

Here is another great gift idea to give to your favorite teacher. I showed this about 2 years ago on the blog, but decided to revisit the idea.


paper flowers (punched or cut from large flower die)
small lollipop (such as Dum Dums)
floral tape
glass vase
jelly beans

Step One: Take two paper flowers and punch a hole in the center

Step Two:  Insert lollipop throw hole in flowers

Step Three: Insert straw over lollipop stem

Step Four:  Wrap floral tape from the base of the flower all the way down the straw. Arrange paper flower shaping petals.

Your flower is now complete!

Step Five:  Fill a glass vase with jelly beans and arrange with lollipop flowers. Add additional arrangement materials to personalize.

Your candy bouquet is now complete and is ready for gift giving. Here are 2 arrangements that I made using different flower dies and lollipops.

Hope you enjoyed this project. I would love to see pictures if you decided to try to make a bouquet too, so post links in the comment section!
Creativity Bug ~ Sue


The Vintage Key said...

This is such a cute Idea! I can't wait till my new little one goes to school and I can make these amazing ideas!
Laura De La Rosa
The Vintage Key

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