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Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gift

The week of May 2 through May 6 is Teacher Appreciation week.

In honor of all the wonderful men and women that take care of our children every day by nurturing them, educating them, and allowing them to grow mentally and creatively, I say "THANK YOU!".

You can say "thank you" too by showing them a little appreciation this week, which is why I am demonstrating how to make a flower pot pen holder that is both easy and inexpensive (using Dollar Store finds) to create.


flower pot
Bic pen
flower bundle
floral tape
bag of dried beans
glue gun with glue
ribbon (optional)
paint (optional)
gems (optional)

Step One: Cut the flower tops off of the flower bundle leaving a bit of stem. Remove the bottom cap from the Bic pen.

Step Two: Fill the open bottom of the Bic pen with a generous squeeze of glue from a glue gun and press (firmly) flower top into opening. Set in a tall empty glass to dry.

Step Three: Wrap the pen body from top to bottom and then back up to top with floral tape.

Now your flower is complete!

Step Four:  Using glue gun, slowly add glue around top of flower pot and begin to wrap with twine. Continue to do this until entire pot in covered.

Step Five (Optional): If you want to dress up your pot more, you can paint the twine and pot using spray paint or acrylic paint. You can also add ribbon around the base or glue on sparkle gems.

Step Six:  Fill the flower pot with dried beans just shy of the top.

Now your pot is complete!

Step Seven: Stick the flower pen directly in the center of the flower pot.

Have your child make a handmade card to present to the teacher along with the gift.

Hope you enjoyed this project! If I have time, I will make a few flower pot variations and post later.
Creativity Bug ~ Sue


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