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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BESTeam Weekly Feature - Ancient Oils

This week’s BESTeam Etsy featured shop is Ancient Oils.

Ancient Oils is an aromatherapy and essential oil business run by Lilly DelValle from Cincinnati Ohio. Lilly holds a degree in Metaphysics and various certifications in Holistic Energy Healing. She has studied and practiced various modalities of Holistic & Spiritual Healing.

Lilly enjoys working with essential oil due to their healing and spiritual properties. The practice of using essential oils is commonly referred to as aromatherapy, and is used for physical and psychological well-being. In ancient times, sweet smelling oils were more respected for both medicinal and their healing properties than scent. Essential oils are often referred to as "Mankind's First Medicine"
The Goddess blends from Ancient Oils are uniquely design to enhance the Goddess principals within you, remove blockages in energy centers, and lift your spirits.

An empowering blend for balancing the Solar Plexus chakra.  Athena was a very tender and loving goddess viewing everyone as a sister and is said to protect and oversee those who call upon her.  The Solar plexus is the seat of Emotions. When we are experiencing an imbalance we can be overly stubborn, critical and quick to anger. When we are in balance, we regain a sense of confidence, well being and happiness.

This metallic atomizer with silver diamond design is the right compliment to your purse, glove box, or home vanity. Slightly larger than a tube of lipstick, this convenient spray bottle contains 5 mls of pure essential oil perfume and can be refilled time and time again with new fragrances or with your favorite fragrance.

Hestia, therapeutic foot Scrub is soothing and relaxing, this pedicure soap scrub brings the spa experience right into your very home! This wonderful 2 layer soap has an embedded luffa scrub that slough away dead skin cells as it massages, soothes then washes away the stresses of the day. The bottom layer is enriched with oatmeal to moisturize the skin and relieve itching. 

These are just a few of the wonderful items in this shop’s collection, so make sure you stop by the Etsy shop for more. Don’t forget to check out the Living Vibrations blog for great features, product reviews, and testimonials.

The Creativity Bugs love the opportunity to promote other artisans including the fellow Estians but especially the BESTeam group. These friendly, talented, and very hardworking individuals work together to promote their shops and help others with marketing, advertising, and tips and tricks for running an online business. If you are a seller on Etsy, have a blog, and either FB or twitter, then you might be interested in joinging the BESTeam. You can find information about the team, as well as apply for membership HERE!

Happy Shopping!
Creativity Bug ~ Sue 


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