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Friday, August 12, 2011

Scrapbook News and Reviews Crafting Calls

Scrapbook News and Reviews just posted their crafting calls for September and there might just be something you are interested in applying for.

Deadline: August 28, 2011 – submit and fill out application form here

Scrapbooking Calls:

Strut Your Stuff: In each issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine, we spotlight scrapbook pages of any style and genre. We're currently looking for pages in traditional paper scrapbooking that feature a clearly defined style such as Clean and Simple, Dark and Industrial, Eclectic and Freestyle, Romance and Pretty Chic, Whimsical or Fantasy, and others just ripe for the picking. 

Bits & Pieces – Macro Pictures: Ten little fingers, ten tiny toes, the sweetest of smiles, and a cute little nose. It’s an often used quote that sums up this call perfectly. We’re looking for layouts that feature close-up shots of “bits and pieces.” Of course, those bits and pieces can be of anything and not just sweet little baby parts!

Childhood Memories: No matter if they’re sweet, bittersweet or even fun and funky odd, childhood memories share so much about the lives we led and the things we did and the moments that make up who we are...and how we got to be the fabulous people we are! Share your pages that are chock full of flashbacks of the ordinary and the not-so-ordinary moments of childhood.

Color of the Month – Pink/Rose: Ah, the sweet color of pink. It can be soft, frilly and romantic or it could be loud, proud and in your face. How will you use pink on your pages? Projects can be of any theme or subject but you must use at least 80% of the “Color of the Month,” so think monochromatic color scheme with a couple other colors to balance it out.

High School Dance/Homecoming/Prom: What rite of passage could be more ripe for a scrapbook layout call than high school dances and homecoming celebrations and the quintessential dance of them all – prom.

I Was...High School Personality: For this call, we’re looking for pages that describe the YOU that you were in high school. What title did you wear? What was your yearbook caption? What were you most known to do? What did they predict you would do in 20 years?

One Word Title – Now: Please note that this is a ONE-WORD-TITLE. This means that the title can only be one word and it must be the word of the month.

Scrap Your Stash - Bottle Caps: You probably have a few of them hanging out in your stash and we challenge you to use them in cool and creative ways! For this call, please only submit layouts that feature bottle caps on them – nothing else will be accepted for publication.

Special Technique: Hand Sewing and/or Machine Stitching: Show off your mad sewing skills to be considered pub worthy for this call. In small doses or as the major focus of your page, we want to see all kinds of sewing techniques and style ideas.

Sports & Action Shots: Fast-forward, in-motion and kicking up the adrenaline a few notches make for the best photos, even the blurry ones! We’re looking for pages that feature sports and action shots and action shots can be interpreted in a variety of ways – if the subject is moving and doing something cool, it’s an action shot!

Card Calls:

Barnyard and/or Woodland Animals: They’re cute and cuddly and these little critters make such fun and fabulous accents on our cards.

Fall: The splendor of fall is almost magical and for this call, we’re looking for cards that honor the age old traditions of fall colors but we’re also looking for cards that step outside the box and show us new version of autumn, in all its glory.

Letters and/or Numbers: One or the other or even both, we want to see cards just dripping with letters and/or numbers. Even more, we want to see letters and/or numbers used in cool, creative ways – really mix them up and make them stand out as the visual stars they can be.

Special Technique: Hand Sewing and/or Machine Stitching: Show off your mad sewing skills to be considered pub worthy for this call. In small doses or as the major focus of your card, we want to see all kinds of sewing techniques and style ideas.

Sympathy/Thoughts & Prayers: There’s nothing more comforting than receiving a handmade card meant to cheer and console our aching hearts, and we’re looking for cards in a variety of styles. After all, such cards don’t need to be somber or elegant, they can be lighthearted and whimsical as well.

Stamping Calls:

Please note that the following calls MUST use stamps. You can’t use patterned paper or embellishments for the following spotlight items, but you can use patterned paper or embellishments elsewhere on your card.Stamping calls are not limited to just cards. You can submit stamped projects of any type.

Fairies: Flighty, flirty and fun, fairies just have a way of adding a dash of excitement to any project. Don’t forget, stamped projects aren’t just limited to cards. You can stamp fairies onto anything that strikes your fancy!

Hearts & Romance: With the days getting colder, let’s create a little heat with a little love and romance. Projects must feature stamped hearts as well as other romantic-inspired images.

Vintage: It’s a broad subject but one we love oh-so-very much! Images must be vintage-inspired but can be used in any style from clean and simple to super distressed.

Mixed Media:

Arches – My Special Place: What do those three little words bring to mind for you? What special place tugs at your heart and just begs you to share it on an ATC. Interpret however you like – we can’t wait to see yours!
Artist Trading Cards – Using Photos WITH a Quote or a Sentiment: Please note that submitted ATCs must have photos as well as a quote/sentiment on them.
Artist Trading Cards – Strut Your Stuff: Grab your 15 minutes of fame and can send in ATCs featuring any theme, style or color scheme.
Inchies – Painted Backgrounds: The possibilities are endless when you’re using paint as your background. For this call, you can construct inchies with a painted background in any fashion and with any theme or color scheme, but your inchies must be ON a painted base.
Mini Albums – Strut Your Stuff: The rules are the same as with the Artist Trading Cards call – anything goes!
Please Note: All mixed media calls are for artists of all styles and categories including traditional paper, hybrid or digital.

Good Luck!
Creativity Bug ~ Sue


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