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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kylee needs help!

After having to put down my beloved pommie/chihuahua mix KeeKee after 16 years, this story of Kylee the Mastiff has pulled at my heart.

Kylee's story from her loving caregiver:

Kylee has a defect in her heart valve called Pulmonic Stenosis.. In Laymans terms, the valve that pumps blood out to her lungs is deformed and very narrow.. Doc says that's why she is having more symptoms as she grows bigger and is intolerant of excercise.. We are told that the condition will grow worse as she grows and that the deformed valve will not grow along with her so it will put even greater stress on her already swollen heart.. the right side of her heart is moderately enlarged at this time due to the effort of trying to push the blood thru to her lungs.. The good news is that it can be fixed with surgery! The bad news is that it will cost $2000 for a procedure called valvuloplasty.. more bads news is that Doc says we need to have it done at the university before she turns 6 months old (in 2 months), else the heart will thicken on the right side and she could arrest on the table.. without the procedure, Doc says she may not make it past 1 year and her symptoms will increase dramatically once she puts on more weight.. our visit today cost $600 and we are desperate to gather funds to save her life.. If you can help at all.. every lil bit helps!

I'm challenging everyone to give up that $5 latte for today and donate it to help save Kylee. Please? Who will join me in helping to save this little girl's life?

Thank you!
Creativity Bug ~ Sue


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