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Monday, August 10, 2009

Awesome Customer Service

You know, people love to share when they get horrible service but hardly ever talk about getting terrific service. So I wanted to share a great experience I had over the weekend.

Just recently I order from Shimmerz and wondered why my order was taking a little longer than normal. They are a family run business and I thought perhaps they went on vacation or someone was sick, but just wanted to double check. Not only did they respond to me within minutes of my inquiry, they discovered it was a problem with PayPal; they never received my order or payment. Well as quickly as that a new order was placed and I received a personal e-mail from the owner Stacey saying they were expiditing my order.

Not only do they have awesome products, but they also have awesome service for their customers. So the next time you receive excellent service from someone, let them know. Or even better, let their manager know how much you appreciate them.


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