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Saturday, December 12, 2009


I just wanted to make a quick post and show off a cute snowman I made using the same concept as the pumpkins I made for Thanksgiving.

The large scallop cirlce is 3" (cut 9), medium is 2" (cut 7), and the circle for the head is 1" (cut 5). Trim the tops and bottoms of the 3", 2", and 1" balls so they sit flat and can easily be glued together. Use glue that is tacky and dries quickly. I used Alene's glue but you could also use a glue gun.

For the hat, I used two 1 " black circles glued together for the brim, a 1/2" strip of black paper (about 4" long), and two 3/4" circles glued together for the top of the hat.

The eyes are beads from my stash, the buttons are attached with pop dots, and the scarf was just a leftover piece of ribbon that I glued on at the very end.


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