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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweets Box

Whenever the chocolate is gone, my dad says "your mom ate it all" and my mom says "your dad ate it all". So for this Valentines Day, I made a special sweet chocolate stash just for my dad filled with his favorite dark chocolates.

The box is just a crosstitch thread container covered with pattern paper from the dollar spot at Target. I then added felt letters and some bling with clear gems.

And don't forget to cover the inside to hide all your glue from the other side of the box.

Now my dad will have his own secret chocolate stash to enjoy when "mom eats" all the other chocolate in the house.


sarahw said...

This is super cute, but would be dangerous in my house. :) I would sneak all the candy. Your blog is great, I love your idea for ribbon.

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