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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Make Your Own Glimmer Mists

Glimmer Mists are all the rage, but can get pretty expensive to have every color in your collection. To save money, I found 3 different recipes to make your own glimmer mists for all your paper crafting projects.

Color Mist 1


Liquid non aerosol hairspray
Small spray bottle
Pearl Ex powder 

  1. Fill small spray bottle ½ full of liquid hairspray
  2. Add ¼ teaspoon PearlEx powder & shake well
  3. Add additional PearlEx powder as needed to deepen color

Color Mist 2


White Glue
Popsicle Stick
Empty Spray bottles
Metallic / Pearlescent Acrylic Paints



1.       Fill your spray bottle about 3/4 of water
2.       Dip popsicle stick in white glue and mix with water in bottle. The glue will act as a binder.
3.       Add one to two drops of paint to water and glue mixture. Shake well.
4.       Spray onto white piece of cardstock to test out color.
5.       Add more drops of paint as needed.

Color Mist 3


Spray bottle
Liquid decoupage lacquer or PVA glue
Pearl Ex powder


1.       In a spray bottle, mix equal parts decoupage lacquer and water, about 20 ml of each will go a long way.
2.       Add ¼ teaspoon of PearlEx powder, put on the lid and shake well.
3.       Spray on white piece of cardstock to test out color.
4.       Add more PearlEx powder as needed to intensify color

Try out some of these glimmer mist recipes and let us know what you think!
Creativity Bug ~ Sue


Amber Branconier said...

great ideas! i bought the expensive stuff and it got clogged up so im def making my own now.

Cat said...

Great recipes. I've made mists with the Metallic paint but never used the glue with it. I'll have to try that.

I noticed your recipes are for pearl ex powders but your pictures show perfect pearls. These are two different products so you may want to update your pictures. No biggie, I used to get them confused also.

Sue C said...

Thanks Cat! I updated the photos to correct the error.

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