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Monday, February 6, 2012

Baked Asiago and caramelized onion hummus dip

Baked Asiago and Caramelized Onion Dip

When I first saw this recipe from Better Homes and Gardens, I was intrigued.  With just a few basic ingredients and a short time in the oven, everyday hummus is transformed into a sophisticated-tasting dip that is casual enough for the Super Bowl but elegant enough to serve for a shower or dinner party.
Jus like any other basic hummus recipe – garbanzo beans, garlic and olive oil are pureed together in a food processor. This version adds a bit of sesame oil along with the olive oil for a punch of flavor, and a little bit of rosemary and Asiago cheese. Then you put the hummus into a small casserole dish, top with gorgeous caramelized onion and more Asiago cheese, and pop it into the oven.
This dip comes out warm, cheesy, and popping with lots of flavor. It can be served with chips, crackers, toasted baguette slices, or pita chips.
Click here for the recipe!


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