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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Engagement chicken

Engagement Chicken

Just in time for Valentine’s Day and a hope for a ring from your sweetheart comes this recipe for Engagement Chicken.
Engagement Chicken is a famous dish known for getting a man on bended knee with a ring in hand asking for your hand in marriage. With just lemon, salt, pepper, herbs, and chicken, you can get your man to say "I Do."
This famous chicken recipe has been around for years. It was first published in Glamour magazine in 2002 as a way to reel in your man, and shockingly it actually worked! After the article was published, 21 women and counting wrote in to the magazine claiming they got engaged after cooking the chicken.
Whether this is a myth or fact, doesn’t your sweetie deserve a tasty home cooked meal?
Click here for the recipe!


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